About Us
FuTECH Innovations Philippines Inc. is an interactive and intelligent LCD and LED digital solutions provider. We aim to provide and bring in new innovations and industry-leading digital solutions in the Philippine market for a more sophisticated and in-trend signages, digital signboards, interactive and advance technologies, electronic info boards and others. With FuTECH Innovations digital products, you can effectively attract the attention of your target market and connect with them equating to higher revenues. Your shop, store or office will look more modern and aesthetically beautiful!
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About Us

Display Impactful Digital Signboards, Trendy Signages, and Effective Ads through FuTECH Innovations PH: Manila's Supplier of P2 and P3.98 LED Video Walls and LED Screen Solutions!

At FuTECH Innovations PH, Inc., we are your supplier-partner who ensures that your ads and contents  are displayed through innovative digital solutions with sophisticated, high-resolution screens because your business deserves to be seen. 

Time calls for visual content and media. Today’s most widely consumed contents are videos and graphics as they are attention-grabbing and engaging. Our digital solutions will definitely deliver your business statement effectively to your target audience. Thus, it can exponentially drive sales growth.

Our line of digital display solutions creates interactive experiences with your varied audiences. Having our high-quality screens make an impactful appearance for your physical shops as it evokes modern and aesthetic appeal to your customers. 

We are Manila’s sought-after choice for customized ad display screens. We  also accommodate  leasing of  interactive and intelligent LCD and LED solutions with a wide variety of screens and sizes to choose from.. Design your stunning digital content, and we’ll have it on screens unique to your customer’s needs featuring P2, P3, P3.98 and P4 LED monitors! 

  • Indoor/Outdoor LCD display
  • Indoor floor standing display
  • Indoor wall-mounted LCD display
  • Indoor LCD video wall display
  • Indoor multi-touch kiosk display

If you are looking for a P2, P3.98 LED monitor supplier in Manila, FuTECH Innovations PH is here for you! Our full-service products range from indoor LCD display screens to P2 LED Video Walls at affordable prices. 

Contact us now for a quotation for your digital display needs!