Drive your Sales with Effective Digital Signages, Signboards, and Ads with FuTECH Innovations Philippines--the Top Digital Solutions Provider in Metro Manila!

Make your digital ads work for you in high-resolution display screens with our interactive LCD/LED screens and monitor kiosks.

Businesses can reach new and potential customers through graphic and video content. After designing, the last step is to make sure the right audience see them. The great news is that FuTECH Innovations can take it from there. 

FuTECH Innovations is the leading provider of affordable, high-resolution digital solutions for businesses in Metro Manila and other cities.. 

Browse our comprehensive catalogue of screens and digital solutions for your business requirements. We have delivered and served various display screens  in multiple locations such as hotels, supermarkets, restaurants, retail shops, government offices, clinics,  hospitals, etc. 

Our full range of high-resolution screens are designed for indoor and/or outdoor use.  We also offer touchscreens for a fantastic customer experience. We cover complete service from on-site installation to post-maintenance services. 

  • Outdoor Digital Totems
  • Interactive Flat Panel Displays
  • Intelligent Detector
  • Handwashing Digital Signage Kiosk
  • Indoor Floor Standing LCD Kiosk
  • Indoor Digital Menu Boards
  • StoreFront Double Sided LCD Signage
  • Portable Digital Kiosk
  • Information Touch Kiosk
  • LCD Video Wall

Our digital screens are designed for industrial use so that you can run your displays and videos 24/7. The screens are made with tempered glass and beautiful aluminum alloy panels. This ensures an un-interrupted running of your  static photos and videos in eye-catching, high-definition quality. 

Our display screens are available in different sizes and can accommodate split-screen projections for your business ad display materials. Look no further than FuTECH Innovations  when you search “quality digital solutions provider services Near me.” Contact us now to consult about the best screen option for you! We are glad to serve customers within and outside Metro Manila!